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Georgetown basketball trip gets wrong kind of attention

Posted Thursday, August 18, 2011, at 1:13 PM

A few days ago I retweeted a link about the Georgetown basketball team landing in China for the kind of offseason trip taken by many college programs each year, particularly the more notable ones.

In a photo attached to the tweet, you could see Scott County Central graduate and Georgetown freshman Otto Porter beaming.

Today a much different photo of Porter has been posted on The Washington Post's website. Porter appears to be trying to stop multiple people associated with the Bayi Rockets from kicking a teammate who is laying on the ground.

You can read all about what happened and see the photo by clicking on the link. The Hoyas exhibition game against the Rockets was stopped early due to fighting between the teams.

ESPN has started running news of the incident on its "BottomLine,' which is of course the graphic that scrolls news across the bottom of their networks, and a story about it has made ESPN's top headlines this afternoon.

UPDATE 1: Here are some additional photos. Porter can be seen in one engaged with a Bayi player. Now I quite obviously wasn't there and didn't see the sequence unfold, but I will point out that barely visible in the photo is a fifth Georgetown player (four are easy to spot). The player is on the ground at Porter's feet. You can see his knee and hand on the ground.

A couple Hoyas, No. 2 and 5, in the shot do appear to be throwing punches. I will be surprised if video of the scrum doesn't pop up soon.

UPDATE 2: Here is the first video of the incident. My opinion doesn't mean more than other person's, but I think the Georgetown players could be described as protecting themselves for most of the video. The first Hoya tries to crawl away when the fighting starts but isn't able to do so.

The video turns disturbingly violent by my assessment about 22 seconds in when a Bayi player swings his fist up high over his head and brings it down on a Georgetown player, who then falls to the floor. After the Georgetown player is on the ground, the Bayi player punches him repeatedly.

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Here is another video from a different angle.


-- Posted by Crash Davis on Thu, Aug 18, 2011, at 4:43 PM

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